CGM2 - QTM Installation add-on

Installation add-on

For an optimal use of pyCGM2-qtm workflows, install Mokka and the Qualisys gait web report uploader in addition to pyCGM2

Mokka : MOtion Kinematics and Kinetics Analyser

Gait web report uploader

  • download paf-web-report-uploader from the Qualisys github folder
  • open a window console
  • go to your local folder
  • type the command python install

the package called qtmWebGaitReport will be added to you python libraries (i.e into the folder YOUR_PYTHON_CORE_PATH\Lib\site-packages\qtmWebGaitReport-(version)-py2.7.egg).

the final steps consist in configuring your credentials to log in to Report Center (

  • edit a file config.json in the folder YOUR_PYTHON_CORE_PATH\Lib\site-packages\qtmWebGaitReport-(version-py2.7.egg) with the following content

{ "baseUrl" : "", "clientId" : "YOUR ID", "token" : YOUR TOKEN" }