PyCGM2 Installation

Vicon Nexus 2.9 now embeds pyCGM2(version 3.2.9) and all its dependancies. You don t need any installation.
In case, you want to work with your own python environment and use the latest version of pyCGM2, you can follow the steps of the next section

In case you face with any issues during installation, we invite you to post details of your issues into the Github issue page.

Reminder, pyCGM2 is

  • compatible with python2.7 only
  • compatible with Vicon Nexus 2.7 and later
  • tested with Qualisys qtm 2019.3


  • Download the last release of pyCGM2

    pyCGM2-version 3.2.15

  • With the Window file explorer, go to your downloaded file and unzip it

  • Double click on installer.bat :

Eventually, the pyCGM2 package will be placed into the dedicated folder of any python libraries (i.e YOUR_PYTHON_CORE_PATH\Lib\site-packages). The installer will create a new pyCGM2 folder in c:/programData gathering all settings.


  • For Vicon user only, the installer will copy convenient nexus files (i.e. vst or pipelines) into the folder C:/Users/Public/Documents/Vicon/Nexus2.x

  • For Qualisys user only, an optimal use of pyCGM2 qtm workflow requires installation of extra dependancies (see here )