Clinical Gait Analysis

Ressources from past Salford Gait Courses (UK)

Why we walk the way we do

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Part 1 The first screencast in the series explaining the biomechanics of normal walking. Subsequent screencasts can be viewed by clicking on the link at the end of this one or directly using the links below.This screencast establishes an historical context for the approach I’ve adopted
Part 2 This is meant as a short introduction for people not used to the idea of biomechanical models. Best skipped if you do!
Part 3 A little similar to the previous screencast in that it’s really for people who aren;t familiar with great graphs and will be of little use to those who are.
Part 4 Energy
Part 5 Clearance
Part 6 Step length
Part 7 Support
Part 8 Transitions

Why we walk the way we do: Kinetics

Complete lecture on gait kinetics